18 June 2018 DD Cool Man (Manni)

Proud owners of Manni – DD Cool Man, a 4 yr old black leopard gelding, Cathrine said ………..
Manni and I have been out hunting every weekend, lately, and he has been loving it. He always has so much energy when it first starts. He has learned so much since we first took him on. Mum and I are so proud of him and love him so much. He is such are darling and gets heaps of comments from people out on the hunt field, about his awesome markings and his gentle nature. We’ve also recently started jumping him on my riding lessons to improve his flat work and correct techniques. I’m so happy with how he has been doing and excited for his further development. He was a little bit shy, at first, about jumping, but now he’s happy to pop over a nice jump in the arena or a log. He is a well loved horse and enjoys his paddock buddy.
DD Manni4  DD Manni2  DD Manni3  DD Manni6
DD Manni8  DD Manni9  DD Manni11  DD Manni13DD Manni10  DD Manni5  DD Manni7  DD Manni12

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11 January 2018 Bush Fire

On Thursday 11th Jan at 3pm a fire started across the road. This was northlands biggest fire for quite awhile and was featured on One News and on Newshub on 3.
It quickly spread to eventually cover 130 hectares of bush. Four helicopters were brought in with monsoon buckets and a lot of firemen and fire vehicles were involved. Luckily there is a large river and a dam very close to the fire, which made the turn around trips for the helicopters, so much quicker.
The fire carried on burning over night. We had a birds eye view of the whole scene. We spent a lot of the night watching it burn, just sitting on the deck and listening to the crackling sound, as the fire reached the ridge and then went over to the next valleys.
The whole experience was really fascinating.
The last 3 photos were taken the following 2 days.

Fire  Fire2a  Fire2b  Fire2
Fire5  Fire3  Fire4  Fire6
Fire8  Fire9  Fire11




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17 March 2017 Drought over

Hi everyone,
Well we have had a terrible time with such dry paddocks and dust every where.
One of my dams dried out and this gave me the opportunity to get it cleaned out and a wall repacked, so there is a silver lining in every cloud. The other 4 dams have just managed to hang in there. THEN a week ago the heavens opened up and we had 240 mls of rain over the span of 4 days. So…. the drought is officially over, but now we have to clean up the driveway, which got totally washed out with so much water rushing down it. All of the 8 dams are now over flowing…Yeh!!!!!   We can just about feel the grass growing and the paddocks have all greened up.

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3 Dec 2016 Caleb with the foals

Caleb loves talking to the new foals and I managed to get some cool photos.
He has a quiet natural way with the foals.

caleb-an-kit-kat2  caleb-an-kit-kat1  caleb-an-licourice1  caleb-an-licourice2

caleb-an-spots1  caleb-an-spots2


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27 Nov 2016 Erin feeding out hay

Last week I was unable to do my turn at feeding out to the cattle and horses and so I was able to take some photos of Erin as she was filling in for me.  The cows have all calved now, the last one just the other day, and the calves are all looking so cool.

erin1  erin4  erin2  erin3
cattle11  cattle22  cattle44  cattle33


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6 Nov 2016 Foals have arrived

All of the mares have  foaled now and they all foaled successfully in the paddock, keeping to the top half of the paddock in a sheltered spot and keeping well away from the road and the logging trucks, which barrel through from very early in the morning.
All of the foals are sired by Strider and I feel a great pleasure in seeing what has arrived.
Delta’s filly was a couple of weeks early and she is smaller and finer boned than the other two. I just love the feathering that she has got down her rump, I am pretty sure that given time, her pattern will change and she will develop spots. Photos are in the Foals page

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6 Sept 2016 Spring coming

SPRING is on it’s way….Yehhhhh.   The daffodils on the drive are looking so bright and cheerful, so lovely to see them after the dull winter weather. I picked a bunch and arranged them on the table. See some photos below.
On the drive to and from town, we go past the DOC farm and there are 3 paddocks of ewes that are lambing. It is so cool to watch the lambs frolicking around or feeding off there mums.
The grandchildren have decided not to have calf club calves this year and instead have chosen to have chickens. This is a new adventure for us. We got them when they were only 2 days old and of course all of the cats are fascinated by them. At this point they are in a large container with a heat lamp, as the photos will show.
The infoal mares are getting larger and larger. Only around 4 more weeks to go until foaling time. On getting home tonight from work the 2 yearling fillys were prancing and galloping around and around, heads up and there tails up, what a cool sight. I feel so lucky to be able to see all these wonderful things around me.

Daffs2  Daffs  Chickens  Chickens2




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3 July 2016 What a frost

Saturday evening, 2 July, felt rather chilly, so I checked the temperature on the deck, at 10pm, and it read 1 degree.    Oh oh….. could be, in for a good frost the next morning.
And I was right, the temperature on the deck read  -3 degrees at 8am. Everywhere was pearly white. We don’t get too many frosts, like this, here in the north.  This was our 5th frost, for this winter and the first one as heavy as this.
I felt enthused, to take some photos, well, quite a few actually, over the space of an hour or so. The scenery felt so cool and different and was changing as the time crept on, and the sun started coming up.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Frost1  Frost2  Frost3  Frost4Frost5  Frost6  Frost7  Frost8Frost9  Frost10  Frost11  Frost12Frost13  Frost15  Frost14  Frost16


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6 June 2016 Float loading of weaners

The 2 two fillies have been weaned for 3 weeks now and I have been continuing with there handling on a gradual basis. They now tie up and are getting just great, at having there feet picked up.
The last thing to do today, was to start training them, to load onto the float. I started with Spice, the chestnut leopard. I led her up to the door of the float and she showed no signs of being hesitant, in fact, Spice sniffed the door and practically walked up on her own, with just a little asking from me. I felt so amazed, she is such a treasure.
Next, it was Peppers turn, the black leopard filly. Now Pepper is a bit more anxious, with new things.  I have my 14yr old mare, Missy, in with these weaners as there Aunty.
I asked Missy to stand by the float ramp and asked Pepper to stand by her,  then I moved Missy and that left Pepper with me. She started sniffing the ramp and I knew that she would make the best effort that she could, which is all that I could ask.  And then low and behold with a bit of pressure from me, she just walked right on up and in. I felt so totally amazed. This was a real buzz for me. This is the kind of temperament that I feel so proud of, in my wonderful appaloosas. I have to say, these 2 fillies have been the easiest, that I have handled.  The bloodlines that I have chosen are now creating some very trainable appaloosas.

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22 May 2016 Latest photos of this seasons foals

Spice4  Spice2  Spice5
Spice is a wonderful example of a loud and proud A grade appaloosa.
She has a sane mind and easily accepts new things.

Pepper5  Pepper3  Pepper4
Pepper is an another wonderful example of a loudly coloured B grade appaloosa.
She is very smart and quick on the uptake and has been the easiest foal to teach to lead.
Both foals have now been weaned.

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